About Me

I have always been a curious little cat.  I remember being a child curled up under the arm of my mom or dad at the “adult” table wanting to included in the conversation.  Business was being done and family secrets were being shared at the big table.  Not that I could do anything with the information or that anyone would listen to a five-year old’s opinion.  It was the community of conversation and enlightenment that tantalized my little brain.

That has never gone away.  My voracious appetite for knowledge has led me to incredible journeys as well as halted me in my tracks.  Through all I have done the one thing that connects me to the earth, to my work and to others is information.  Whether writing for an agricultural magazine in journalism graduate school or seeking answers to age-old questions about ethnic issues on a Fulbright scholarship to my family’s homeland in the Republic of Macedonia or selecting the perfect harvest date for my venture with Casa Dumetz Wines, it is all about having the proper understanding for the responsibilities at hand.

This site is a selection of my most recent writings over the last few years.  My winemaker-side has a place at www.casadumetzwines.com.  My agricultural/suburban farming side has a site at www.malibugrange.com.  And now Sonja Magdevski – journalist – has a home here right here.  You can also follow me on my new adventure as host of THE WINE DOWN on an exciting site called THELIP.TV.  Check it out for some great episodes released weekly.

Thanks for reading.  And keep reading.  You learn more than scanning.  You’d be surprised at the wonderful things you’ll find.



2 Comments on “About Me”

  1. Bibi Grozdanovska says:

    Great web site.Best wishes from a fellow Macedonian in London Uk.

  2. Jon Johnson says:

    Simply I Cant Beleave You Hv Done Wht I Hv Done @ Baskin Robbins LOL !!

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